Alumni Authors

If you are an alumni author and would like to be included in our alumni library, please send an email to We would love to purchase a copy of your publication to add to our collection!

"Growing Hope" by Ashley Culberson ’12  
Children's book that addresses the tough topic of breast cancer in a manner that children can understand.  
To purchase a copy email Ashley.  A portion of all proceeds goes to breast cancer needs in West Virginia.  

"The Home for Wayward Ladies" by Jeremy Scott Blaustein '06
Click here to purchase.

"Annie's Special Day" and "Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story" by Clara Bowman-Jahn '70 (co-authored by Susan April Elwood)
Click here to purchase "Annie's Special Day."
Click here to purchase "Edmund Pickle Chin."

"Sarah, A Christmas Story" by Thomas Coffman '47

Click here to purchase.

"Letting God Happen: A Story for Personal or Group Study" and "The Whole Summer to Practice" by Barbara Cramer Crouse '66
Click here to purchase "Letting God Happen."
Click here to purchase "The Whole Summer to Practice."

"Dark Matter Syndrome: The Awakening (Volume 1)" by Michael Drummer '06

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"Wit, Will & Walls" by Betty Kilby Fisher '86

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"Stories in Stained Glass" by Elaine Morrison Foster '47

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"Ira, Living with an Angel" by Ronn Harris '72

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"Blunt Force Winds" and "Conquering the Wild" by Gail Huntley '00

Click here to purchase "Blunt Force Winds."
Click here to purchase "Conquering the Wild."

"Men of Steel" and "The Bloody Road to Victory" by Thelma Mitchell King '49

Call King at (856) 235-4966 to order her books.

"Critter Jokes & Riddles," "Spooky Creature Riddles," "Strange Stuff: True Stories of Odd Places and Things" and "Water Wonders of the World: From Killer Waves to Monsters of the Deep" (children's books) by Janet Nuzum Myers '60

Search the titles above or 'Janet Nuzum Myers' on to purchase her books. You can contact Myers for more information at

"Eramane" by Heidi Zimmerman Sales '12 (pen name Frankie Ash)

Click here to purchase.

"Little Bent Cedar" and "A Friend for Henry" (children’s books) by Bryan Speed '50

Click here to purchase "Little Bent Cedar."
Click here to purchase "A Friend for Henry."
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