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Estale Harris ’56 and Dick Daniel ’56 met on the Shenandoah campus in Dayton, Va. They went sledding on their first date 60 years ago — on January 31, 1954 — and married 10 days after graduation. After Dick passed away in 2011, Estale and her sons established the Richard L. “Dick” Daniel Scholarship in his loving memory. “Dick completely worked his way through Shenandoah Conservatory. He washed dishes, took care of the laundry and did dance jobs,” explained Estale. He earned a Bachelor of Music at Shenandoah and a Master of Science in Education from the University of Maryland. He taught instrumental music for 30 years and was affectionately called “Mr. D.” by his students. “He loved teaching and working with young people,” Estale said. “There were many highlights of his career. His bands played for three presidents, won first place at an international music festival in Mexico City and his jazz band played at Radio City Music Hall.” Since Dick was the first saxophone major (tenor) to graduate from Shenandoah, the scholarship will benefit students majoring in saxophone. “Dick would be very proud to help other students financially, since he personally knew what a hardship it can be,” Estale affirmed.

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Did you know that as SU Sweethearts, a single gift to The Shenandoah Fund counts as TWO alumni giving back to SUpport the student experience?

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Matthew '12 and Renoula Jones '11 Griffin

"We gave our annual gift last year and learned that it counted as two alumni gifts. It's encouraging to know that our one gift as a couple helps to increase our alma mater's participation rates, which is SO important for the future of our school."

Dick '52
and Clara Hull '55 Ward

"We were part of a magical group at Shenandoah. There weren't as many students at Dayton, so we were all into everything! We still keep in touch with many of our Shenandoah alumni friends."

John '91
and Charlene Baughan '91 Romano

"You know your gift is going to help the school where your relationship started. There are certain places on campus that are different than in 1989, but walking around still takes us back. SU is still providing that same caring and challenging experience that we had for this generation and generations to come."


SU Sweetheart Gallery

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David '10
and Elysia Greene '13 Merrill

Roger '70 and Lynne Northam '70 Immell

Marco '01, '03, '04
and Kimberly Schulteis '01, '03 Pineda

Brandon '12 and Emily Klug '11 Smith

Donald '09 and Cameron Miller '10 Aufforth

Alex '05 and Stephanie Hower '06 Lane

Brian '10
and Lauren Wall '10 Cook

Andrew '12
and Kaitlin Sommer '11 Fleischman

Jeff '92, '06
and Stacha Schiller '92 Stinson

Timothy '76, '79, '83
and Lisa Ereditario '77 Fritts

Michael '09
and Becca Castonguay '03 Parker

Joey '11
and Kelly Kantner '09 Moray

David '76 and Charlotte Hickerson '76 McKee

Nicholas Edrman '12 and Kaitlin Robinson '14

Brian '10 and Lauren Wall '10 Cook

Jason '01, '04
and Kirsten Wilcox '01 Simmons

Steven '07
and Anna Rhyne '03, '05 Brady

Adam '13
and Angela Gravante '13 Kursey

Zack '10
and Briana Barron '11 O'Brien

Cory '12
and Haley Smith '13 Nelson

James '86
and Roberta Lisonbee '74 Szoka

Ryan '09
and Kamie Hagedorn '01 MacRae

Carl '11
and Katie '11 Chapman

Mark '07
and Stephanie Smith '04 Turner

Paul '81
and Valerie White '81 Ritter

Pete '61 and Caroline Bateman '61 Phillips

Lamont '05 and Joia Davis '06 Moore

Sean '98 and Cat Shoemaker '98 Ramey

Eric '13 and Agnes Froehlich '14 Gleason

Michael '71
and Judith Mills '70 Neller

Brent '12
and Jamie Tinsley '13 Tacy

Bob '69
and Jane Burwell '69 Beery

Tyler '12
and Corey Lilley '12 Jumper

Arthur '02, '04
and Lori Sherman '02, '04 Lievre

Jeff '86
and Susan Cusick '82, '84 Carpenter

David '08
and Kate Tinney '08, '10 Divine

Keith '97
and Andrea Hazen '98 Cottrill

Tony '08
and Melissa Landon '08 Bernal

Taylor '09
and Kate Tomasello '10 DuFrene

Ray '75
and Ann Werner '68 Van Dyke

and Maresi Minton '00 Brown

Naj '03 and Erin Hocking '04 Quresh

Jamey '99 and Melinda Gulino '98 Walters

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